training for endurance sports with SMS

training for endurance sports: cycling and triathlon

The Algarve and support from SMS provided the perfect mix of training facilities, open roads and positive attitude to set the foundations of my new career in sport. Now in 2013 I am racing triathlon with the best in the world, on the verge of qualifying for the Commonwealth Games next year and set up nicely for Rio de Janeiro 2016 qualification. All thanks to SMS who were there in the very beginning.

Conor Murphy -pro triathlete

Conor Murphy

SMS Coaching duration 3 months = National Championship win!

Life changing experiences happen rarely. Tomas’ coaching is a life changing experience. He’s thorough, enthusiastic, and is a PRO. Prepare to become the real rider, not a magazine reading time waster. Tomas’ uniqueness, is that he has pedigree qualifications from sports science universities. His coaching cuts out the crap and gets right to the nitty gritty. It’s hard, but by god, its rewarding.

Richie Felle -Irish marathon MTB champion 2012

the coach

I’m Tomás Metcalfe, a former pro cyclist. I successfully scratched living from cycling here in Portugal for 6 years. Among my achievements as a cyclist are a win in the mountains classification of the Tour du Gironde, three Voltas a Portugal and a Tour of Britain. Now I do triathlon -for fun, but who knows where I’ll take it? here’s my blog on starting triathlon. Originally I started in multi-sport in 2004 before moving to bike racing in 2006.

I’m in my final year studying sports science, am a qualified cycling coach and studied sports technology at Loughborough before this.

goal orientation and psychology

If you’re just getting into sport, goals are important. ‘Just getting fit’ soon wears off as a motivational factor and it becomes important to have sporting objectives: Whether this is an Ironman triathlon, a Haute Route, a National Championship, or simply completing a given route… We need to set some goals.

ethos -pedagogic coaching

I train people a little differently to most coaches and coaching companies. For one, I don’t plug ‘training with power’ as if it’s the only correct method to train: It’s better to learn about training, how it works and what it’s doing first. Then way into the future you can train with power with more certainty and a greater understanding of the training principles being used.

You can get started training with which ever training metric you’ve got at hand. If your confused, I can help you out.

how we get started

To get started training, your form needs to be evaluated. This is first done through conversation, then through some testing. It’s possible to do this testing via distance, but by far the best option it to spend a training week in the Algarve where we can get to know each other and I can spot mistakes and areas to improve far more quickly than via distance. I reckon it saves about three months worth of distance coaching.

Coming to the Algarve also has the advantage that you can judge me and my coaching method in person and decide if you want to continue or not. You loose nothing and gain a week training in this fantastic location. Normally, coaching costs €120 per month with the first month paid upfront. You’re free to quit any time you like.

Everyone is different, so if you’re unsure which option to take, or how to get started, get in in touch via:

how we train

  • Daily prescribed training this suits cyclists with ample time to train.
  • Training by week blocks this suits cyclists training round a busy schedule. Read more tips at
  • Evaluations are frequent, at least once a meso cycle so that you’re training at the right intensity.
  • Communication is unlimited.
  • Exercise physiology is the primary factor I look at, but also tactics, technique, psychology, diet and Biomechanics (only in the Algarve).
  • Training is all recorded online at Cycling Analytics.
  • The training plan is delivered as and when needed via .pdf or online and alterations can be made as necessary.

finally, if you want to know more about cycling and triathlon coaching:

You can read more on my training blog – this is constantly changing and improving.
If it sounds like I can help you get fitter and stronger, get in touch:
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