Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Cycling Tours:

Bookings and Reservations:

To book a tour with us please select the tour you wish to book with the corresponding date that is best for you. Please note that for each tour there is a maximum of twelve people. If you are a larger group and wish to book a tour please contact us via e-mail and we will see if we can accommodate you.


Currently we only accept reservations for holidays 4 weeks into the future. If you wish to reserve your holiday beyond 16 weeks contact us and we can do so with no charge. However at by 4 weeks before your holiday is due we require a 20% deposit to reserve your place. We accept payment up to the last day of your tour.


According to Portuguese law (Decreto-Lei nº 108/2009, de 15.05) we have established a partnership with a travel agency to deal with the accommodations for our tours.


Currently we only accept payment via paypal.

Cancellation / Annulment:


We accept cancelations up to 4 weeks before the due date for your trip, with a full refund minus a 80 € cancelation fee.


In the four weeks before your tour is due we do not provide refunds, but we can move your booking to another date. This carries a 90.00€ administration fee.


We do not accept cancelations or give refunds due to weather. If the weather is bad we will do our up most for you to have the best Algarve cycling experience possible. This includes transfers by car between destinations if the weather is too bad for cycling and a partial refund of €50.00 per day. Please note that we define bad weather as heavy rain and a temperature above 36ºC as defined by meteo.pt.


We are not responsible for refunding other services you may have bought: Accommodation, Flights etc. We only refund what was due to us and our services during your holiday.


We are fully insured in line with Portuguese law (Decreto-Lei nº 108/2009, de 15.05, Artigo 27º). Personal accident insurance; up to an annual amount of 3500€. Payment of 20 000€ in case of death or permanent disability. And limited liability insurance to the annual value of 50 000€.

Responsibility / Liability:


By booking with us you accept these terms and conditions.


All taxes are included. Please note that we do not included travel to and from the Algarve but do include private transfers within the region at the begining and end of your holiday.


Laws regulating our business:


Please find the laws regulating our type of business here: http://tinyurl.com/255vkd7