Guided training & tours

“Tomas opened the door to the roads of the Algarve, which provides a great mix of challenging and traffic free roads plus the benefits of the beautiful Algarve coastline with the family! You can agree a custom training plan with Tomas, which for me meant lots of time in the mountains to get some base miles in and improve my climbing. The bike, equipment and advise provided by Tomas was second to none and I would thoroughly recommend it to individuals or groups who are looking for unique cycling and training experience”
Thomas R, UK

The fastest way to get your bearing with the region, or get valuable training tips from experienced coaches is by our ‘guided training’

One of our most sought after services is guided training for the endurance sports. This is basically a ‘personal training’ for either cycling, swimming, running and of course triathlon.

What happens is either I (Tomas) or Ricardo go out and train with you and answer whatever questions you have in the time we’ve got. For some people it’s purely performance related and they just want information on a specific aspect of training. For others they just want a hard, effective training session to:

a.) get to know the best places to train in the local area.
b.) get a tough training done without looking down at the GPS or pulling out a map every so often.
c.) (In the case of swimming) train in safety in open water with an experienced coach.

Guided training -cycling

Guided training at a brick session
For cycling it’s usually I doing the guiding and usually there is a specific goal to a session. For example, a common goal is usually a technical one such as descending. We’ll head out, warm up properly and I will demonstrate the basics of how to descend and provide all the rationale for why things should be done a certain way. Area’s I commonly help people with are:

  • Descending
  • ‘Physiological’ training
  • Race craft
  • Pacing strategy
  • Explaining periodisation
  • Explaining the energy systems
  • etc…

Obviously, in just one day, I find myself quite limited in what information I can transfer to the client. For example if we are discussing exercise physiology, takes a painfully long time to clarify certain aspect due to their (growing) complexity. But specific topics such as ‘climbing better’ or ‘sprinting better’ can be covered well.

In case you’re wondering ‘what would you know?!” I’ve been a full time elite cyclist for 8 years, six of which as a professional and have a significant academic background in Sports Science and Sports Technology. Ricardo is qualified in Sports Coaching and has been competing in triathlon for 6 years.

Guided training -running

Most often when people come to us looking for running services, they are rarely ‘training services’ and tend to be more guiding services, running some quite epic trails in some rather special places here in the Algarve.

However scope does exist to coach running, especially from a physiological stand point.

Guided training -swimming

Swim session at the reservoir
Ricardo has an unprecedentedly good eye for picking up errors in swimming and setting out a ‘list of priorities for correctly technical issues. He’s also 100% up to date on technique. Like me you were probably taught badly as a child and need to ‘unlearn’ certain bad habits, his skill is in identifying these bad habits and telling you how to correct them.

One thing about working with Ricardo is that he doesn’t take short cuts. He’s not going to sell you miracles, just bit by bit build up your technique so then you can focus on developing power.

Open Water

A lot of people get nervous about the open water and in this Ricardo is very good at teaching all the ‘tricks of the trade’ that led him to winning the regional open water swim circuit several times.

What it costs

A day of training costs €120 and includes up to 8 hours of our time (from the time we get in the car to go and meet you) a training review, details of any route we might be doing and energy food (muesli bars, electrolytes and fruit).

A half day (up to 4 hours) with all the same things cost €70.

An hour cost €25 plus travel (20c per kilometer).