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-By: Tomas Swift-Metcalfe

Last modified: March 14, 2014

because sports sports holidays aren’t as straight forward as jumping on a plane

If you’re a runner you need places to run: good quiet roads with little or no camber, a track for speed work and preferably some off road for longer distances.

A cyclist *just* needs good roads and interesting, varied terrain.

A triathlete; well, all the aforementioned plus a pool and some open water…

And good weather all round -this is where the algarve comes into it’s own.

That’s quite a lot to get right! But we can do it! As it happens the algarve offers all these conditions within a relatively short distance. Sat here in the SMS ‘headquarters’ in Carvoeiro I’m 1.1km from the beach, 8.5 km from the athletics track, 200 m from the coastal trail, 6 km from the municipal 25 m and 13 km from the open mountains.

why the algarve over other places?

The algarve’s key advantage is it’s proximity to northern Europe and good weather. Also, cycling wise it offers an alternative away from Mallorca, and it’s a little bit more picturesque than Tenerife. Most often people come away from a holiday: be it a tour or a training holiday feeling like they’ve visited Portugal and not some generic ‘sun and sand’ resort that might be in Florida, Canaries… where ever.

added value

In this economy it’s important to know what we are paying for and with SMS it’s customization, quality, local knowledge and availability. What I mean by availability is that you have the assurance of knowing you can call upon us any time on your holiday, to help out with a mechanical, arrange a masseuse, whatever you need (within reason). Not to ring our own bell too much, but we are experts in sport, travel and the algarve.

what next

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