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knowledge + experience = the best cycling coaching

What can a cycling coach do for you?

A coach (should) work on many facets. While primarily a cycling coach is involved in training analysis and prescribing training based on this, it’s important to understand the sport and the demands of the sport globally. I (Tomas Metcalfe) have 6 years experience as a professional cyclist, 6 studying Sports Science and Sports Technology and another 4 coaching.

experience in professional cycling leading to cycling coaching.
I’ve done many great events, from the Euro’s as an age group Duathlete and won a few things despite not being a team leader since my first year U-23. Among my proudest moments was winning domestique of the year and helping Ricardo Mestre to his victory in the Volta a Portugal of 2011 😀

The cycling coaching process:

Needs analysis. Basically I figure out what needs to be done to help a client meet his goals. This involves questions, at least one interview over Skype or in person and test… So times just this process can take weeks, or change and evolve as different problems crop up. Where possible I like to test in person.

Tests can be standard tests, such as the 20′ threshold test, ramp tests (if you’ve got a power meter), lactate threshold test (in person here in the Algavre, or at a camp).

Training planing. I don’t stick to a strict structure, rather train as much of something as is needed and a client can recover from. What I mean by this is that training doesn’t fit a rigid ‘3 weeks on 1 week off’ type of periodisation, rather respond to the type of training and pesonal circumstance.

Monitoring and follow up I follow all your training using, a site filled with excellent analysis tools I thoroughly recommend. When something needs changing, I change it! So your training plan evolves at the rate you do

Anyway, if you’re interested, read my training blog: training blog -here you can learn a bit about how I think.

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