sms triathlon training camps

every year in October, January, April and June we host triathlon training camps

we also organise bespoke camps for small groups

why I host these training camps?

I was inspired to become a professional athlete after going on a triathlon training camp in Solvang with Chuckie V. I remember thinking how much like the Algarve that particular corner of California was and thought of one day doing camps in the Algarve. Now nearly ten years later this is what I'm doing!

climbing figueroa mountain road at spring fling triathlon training camp

climbing 'the fig' at the spring fling triathlon training camp in California

I remember leaving the camp with a sense of melancholy, like I had spent a couple of weeks among family. Hopefully one day I can make the long trip round the world and experience that again.

what's the point in a training camp?

access to coaches, optimal training, optimal recovery

Questions you may have, or errors you're making, can be solved quickly, in person. When you go on a triathlon training camp, it's not for the good weather and scenery (although this helps training!), but for access to coaches and and an environment which allows you to train and recover optimally. There are so many little tricks that make a difference that are hard to pass on any other way.

testing, analyses

difficult to access (but useful tests) like:

Bike position can be analysed using a 3d analysis this is included in all camps. This doesn't mean we'll alter anything about your position, but particular suggestions are made where necessary.

Swimming technique is analysed with underwater video by a very experienced swim coach. Analysis focuses on open water swimming with a wetsuit this improves specificity!

Threshold testing, either direct (lactate threshold testing) or inferred field tests are used at the camps. It's not always necessary to use lactate test, however it is particularly useful in early training. This is done for swimming, running and cycling.

structured training

For the entire camp, training will be structured but group based. This means that training is done as group, but everyone has their own training values and training objectives.

You can read more about training at the training blog

And if you'd like to try some coaching: http:/

rigorous training

With the right meals at the right time, a masseuse to help get those muscles recovered will allow you a short block of very high quality training. And training with others and the group environment is super motivating.

what's my experience worth?

knowledge of the principles of training, experience in sport

My 9 years as an elite (one in Duathlon, 8 in cycling) and six as a professional in cycling mean that I had to learn a lot about the practical aspects of training well and lifestyle aspects which make a massive difference to sports performance and all round health.

Currently I'm building on my experience by doing triathlon. I'm aiming at being a professional (or semi-pro). I just want the opportunity to do my best. You can read about it here: And about my progress through the sport here:

triathlon training camps for private groups are available upon request

and if you've got questions, don’t hesitate to contact us as:

Check out the next camps we have scheduled:

spring triathlon camp – Algarve – April 2015

cycling focused spring triathlon camp. Introduction to good training practices across all three sports. 4th-11th April 2015

This spring triathlon camp will focus primarily on bike skills and cycling training. We will also focus by each sport by characteristic and how to integrate them to become a better over all triathlete. Everyone, from complete beginner to pro is welcome and will benefit from this camp. This is the true spirit of triathlon.

Cycling: from sprint distance triathlon to IronMan

Training for a sprint triathlon is very different to an IronMan and as such the bike serves a different utility in training and the training aim is different. The longer the race the more important biking tends to be and as such deserves specific attention, in this spring triathlon camp we will deal with the following:

  • economizing effort -absolutely key in any triathlon is to get of the bike fresh as possible and nail the run.
  • technique -something oft ignored in triathlon, this knowledge can save you energy and make you faster.
  • training -using the non-impact and practical nature of the sport as the primary tool for build aerobic-capacity.

We will make sure to cover all these aspect both in theory and in the practice at this spring triathlon camp.

Where about?

This camp is going to based in a top quality sports resort in the Algarve, with lots of good running routes, a track and pool nearby. You will not be disappointed with the quality of the facilities. The resort is exquisitely located in a large gardened resort and literally only 5 km from the hills which have excellent roads and very little traffic.

On reservation you will receive a full itinerary detailing the whole triathlon camp, including the accommodation training and meal plan.

Why Swift Momentum Sports?

Think of this spring triathlon camp like full immersion into the sport. You’ll have full access to Tomás, the head coach, to learn as much as possible about getting the most from cycling. In the evenings there will be informal discussions on specific aspects of the triathlon and cycling. Mostly we’ll work back from the basics: For example, if we’re dealing with economy of effort, we’ll focus on aspects such as the physics of cycling, the metabolic mix and how this fits in to triathlon… And how to go faster for less effort!

spring triathlon camp while triathlon isn’t so developed, the region is well known to cyclists

We have a huge depth of experience racing across a range of sports. We’ve been living in the Algarve for years and as such have unrivalled local knowledge. A strong academic background balances our experience.

What’s included in the triathlon training camp?

Everything you’ll need! Live like a pro for a week.

excellent conditions feb 2012 Algarve TT
a photo from the Volta ao Algarve February 2012 -that’s winter sunshine

We’ll take care of every, right from the moment you arrive at Faro airport on Saturday the 8th. You’ll be picked up by an excellent (and exclusive) transfer service that will bring you to the resort about 25km to the west of the airport.

The accommodation is in excellent villas that hold up to four people. Breakfast and Dinner are included as well as an all day ‘brunch facility’ that means you’ll get your post training snack no matter how late we get in from training. On the bike you’ll have access to energy food and isotonic drinks.

A follow car provides a measure of safety, quick recovery from punctures, a place to keep extra food, and that assurance that should you not be able to go the whole distance for some reason or another, you’ll be able to cut training short at any point.

Full use of facilities included too. That is, pool, track and cross-country running course. A state of the art gym.

The cherry on the cake has to be however the testing and evaluation, that will allow you to train optimally. We will do a lactate threshold tests and a body fat evaluation. Based on these test we’ll provide a training plan (for a month) and tips based on the information gathered over the course of the week.

All this is just €1122. Make your reservation now with a 20% deposit refundable (up to one week before the camp is due) The balance is due one working day before the camp. You can also just pay in full.

Chose to pay the deposit, or the full price

Come to our spring triathlon camp for a truly fantastic week cycling, running and swimming in the Algarve. Any questions get in touch:

triathlon training camp -Algarve- October 2014

*we’ve altered some aspect of this camp from how it was presented before

triathlon training camps are the best preparation for the new season from the 25th of October to the 1st of November

Our triathlon training camps take place in Silves in a well set 3* star resort just a few kilometres from the sea, close to a 25m pool and reasonably close to an excellent 400m running track, roads and trails for running. We provide a full training itinerary and transfers between training venues.

athletics track in Lagoa
brand new running track

The schedule

These camps are scheduled over six training days:

  • They involve 5 one hour swim sessions all starting in the morning.
  • There are approximately 13 hours of cycling, with two longer rides with a follow car.
  • 5 gym sessions
  • and 5 running session. Two of these sessions will be built into a brick.

All in all, you’ll be exhausted, but happy when this weeks training is donw!

The accommodation, food and stuff like that

The next SMS pre-season triathlon training camp is scheduled for October 25th – 1st November 2014. The price is €1330,00 based on two sharing, it includes seven nights accommodation, breakfast, picnic lunch, post training brunch and dinner, transfers. And obviously us, our help and expertise! Our camps as well as being good hard training, are great fun.


bike rental are extra.

book now by e-mailing us at