...thank you for a great holiday in the Algarve and also the lovely Christmas Decorations. Both you and Catarina made it possible for us to see and do so much in a week. We really enjoyed all the cycling and running and loved the opportunity to see the real Algarve away from the tourist resorts.

algarve cycling holidays

Don't get put of by SMS's sporty apearance, my first steps into cycling were touring round Ireland with my mother as an 11 year old. This experience touched me so much I wanted to create a similar experience, here, at home in the Algarve. I keep a quirky little blog on the algarve. www.swiftmomentumsports.com/algarve-blog There is a lot more to the algarve than just the beach, come and check it out. These holidays bellow are on rural roads and are purelly relaxing. These routes are designed so anyone can do them, with only the 'climbs of the algarve' beig a bit more challenging.

These holidays are self-guided (gps, route book). From October 2013 onward, both guided and self-guided versions of these holidays. There is a €600,00 charge per group for guided tours.