About sms

My name is Tomás Metcalfe, I’m a professional cyclist and I have literally cycled 150 000km mostly in the Algarve -that’s more than three times round the world. Some of these k’s in the company of Bradley Wiggins and other Pro Tour star who choose the Vota ao Algarve to start their season.

Before I was a cyclist I did Duathlon very successfully and before that athletics and cross-country as a young lad. So I got to know many other places through my sport and see how unique and wonderful they are.

I started SMS because I love the Algarve and wanted to help develop sport here. I got the idea as a kid: I had completed a cycling holiday with my mum in Ireland as an eleven year old and enjoyed it so much I thought I would like to do these for people too!

Coaching and sharing my knowledge of the sport is another parallel passion I have. It’s something that years studying sport have allowed me to become really good at.    

Building SMS wasn’t easy, it’s tough building a good team of people who know about sport and know about a place really well. But we’ve successfully put together a fantastic little team of people to guarantee you a fantastic sporting experience, be it a short cycle along the coast here in the Algarve, or a training camp in the Yorkshire Dales, I will help YOU get the maximum out of your chosen momentum sport.   

It’s a pleasure to share my knowledge of the Algarve, Portugal, sport and training with you.


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