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Conor Murphy – pro triathlete

Recommended by Conor Murphy:


Conor Murphy

“The Algarve and support from SMS provided the perfect mix of training facilities, open roads and positive attitude to set the foundations of my new career in sport.  Now in 2013 I am racing triathlon with the best in the world, on the verge of qualifying for the Commonwealth Games next year and set up nicely for Rio de Janeiro 2016 qualification.  All thanks to SMS who were there in the very beginning. “

Conor Murphy professional triathlete

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Richie Felle -elite mountain biker:

Recommended by Richie Felle:


SMS Coaching duration 3 months =  National Championship win!

Richie Felle, mountain biker.Life changing experiences happen rarely. Tomas’ coaching is a life changing experience. He’s thorough, enthusiastic, and is a PRO. Prepare to become the real rider, not a magazine reading time waster. Tomas’ uniqueness, is that he has pedigree qualifications from sports science universities. His coaching cuts out the crap and gets right to the nitty gritty. It’s hard, but by god, its rewarding.

If you want real results in the most time efficient way, choose SMS.

Richie Felle -Irish National Champion

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